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Welcome to SMARTBOOK.ME.UK. Here you can find information on a new breed of ultra-lightweight cheap laptops, smaller than netbooks, and known as smartbooks.

Smartbooks are ultra-lightweight laptops, smaller than netbooks and notebooks, whose technology, size, price range, software and application firmly sits the smartbook as a device somewhere between the mobile phone (smartphone) and the netbook. Smartbooks are the most viable candidate to deliver the 99 laptop to the UK market, and they already have in 2009, as long as you appreciate that there must be differences, limitations (and benefits), and omissions in functionality between a 99 laptop, i.e. a smartbook, and what you understand as a laptop in the traditional sense. This site will help you understand those differences.

This site will tell you all about smartbooks, who the major players and major technologies are in the smartbook market, and more specifically what smartbooks are available in the UK. There will also be reviews of UK smartbooks in order to inform people about this technology and set realistic expectations about what it can deliver.

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